for depression and anxiety,​

that your medical doctor won't tell you!

Featuring a 28 symptom checklist to help reveal the true physical cause of your sadness & angst!

In this detailed 8 page report, Dr Janelle Sinclair, biochemist and natural medicine practitioner reveals 7 of the most overlooked causes of depression and anxiety. You'll never think about mental health the same way again! Some of the astonishing things you'll learn include:

  • The most effective way to resolve depression and anxiety - without antidepressant medication!

  • A simple free trick to uncover the biochemical cause of your low mood, poor energy levels and panic attacks

  • Scientific evidence that a common supplement is as effective for treating depression as antidepressant medication

  • Uncover what stretch marks, sugar cravings or tingling fingers have to do with mental health (and how that knowledge could change your life!)

  • An astonishingly simple mineral, that when lacking, can cause mental unwellness to run in families!

  • Download your free checklist covering more than 28 physical signs and symptoms now

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